Agricola Capa Fina uses rigorous standards to ensure the cigar is worthy of the name it carries in its logo.

Carlos Jalil

Carlos Jalil

Is passionate about the quality he provides, and is personally involved in every step of the cigar-making process up to the delivery of his products to his valued customers. He takes pride in the products he provides for it is for him a pleasurable and relaxing experience, as it is for those who indulge in its exquisite and unequivocal taste.
He is the pure essence of what a businessman should be, that is, to strive to satisfy and remain true and consistent to the quality he has pledged to provide.

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We welcome all cigar wholesalers and distributors of the World and at the same time we invite you to be part of our select customers that are currently enjoying the best Ecuadorian cigar, Capafina cigars.  

 Our cigars are made with the best strictly selected leaves of our plantations giving as a result a cigar of a supreme quality

 We are in capacity to accept wholesaler and distributor orders since we have the advantage of not only being distributors but also being producers of tobacco and have our own tobacco plantations 

 Please enjoy this website and we will gladly answer any question, suggestion or order.

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